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Re: [RC] Hackamore with martingales - Typef

My dad rode several thousand miles both in competition and conditioning with an old mechanical hackamore and a running martingale because our old guy had a tendancy to throw his head straight back and break my dad's glasses, not to mention putting a real nice black and blue color on his nose. We never considered it dangerous but I've heard a lot that's it's dangerous both from my trainer and posters in this group. It has made me think about using a running martingale on an endurance ride, but I'm still at that point where I feel more secure with my horses head not able to raise high enough where I have no control. I keep it pretty long, so it's not like I have her head down where she can't get it up. I haven't been using it in conditioning and we seem to be doing pretty well. However, I'll probably put it back on first the first few rides of the season, at lesat in the beginning of the ride, just so to make sure. I'm not riding in a hackamore (although that will be my intention later) but am still in a snaffle.
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From: Amy Cieri
Sent: Tuesday, January 14, 2003 7:27 AM
Subject: [RC] Hackamore with martingales

Anyone use this combination? Is it safe or not acceptable? I have a gelding who can't use a bit and goes well in the Arabian S hackamore. He likes to do the arabian head toss and gets the reins flipped over his neck. When he's excited or annoyed he will throw the head up too but doesn't travel head high. I don't need the running martingale to keep his head down but I'd like it for keeping his head out of my space when he gets a bug up his butt. I have taught him a head down cue but that falls by the wayside in certain situations.
My motto is "less is best" but after a serious black eye this weekend, I need to explore another avenue. Any suggestion is appreciated.

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[RC] Hackamore with martingales, Amy Cieri