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[RC] BC's Cheerleaders & Harleys - PSulli6429

In a message dated 1/13/2003 7:27:06 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
ridecamp-digest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes: 

"They were sort of bringing the cheerleaders down to earth."

I never post to ridecamp.  Mostly because I find it more a place where people 
get together and slam one another than actually use it as a useful tool.   
Which is a shame really, when you think of the combined years of knowledge 
regarding the sport that must exist on ridecamp.  But Ridecamp is what you 
make it.   

This one comment bothered me enough to post this time.  Why does anyone feel 
it is necessary to "bring the cheerleaders down to earth".  Someone 
accomplished something we all hope for in this sport a BC.  I certainly have 
never obtained such a goal.  But when people want to give congratulations and 
support to someone who maybe in the past has had issues, then they should be 
allowed to do so without being "brought down to earth". Shouldn't we be here 
to support each others successes rather than harping on past indiscretions?   
Just a thought that perhaps we should focus on the positives rather than the 
negatives for a change. 

What does tickle me is the constant reference to "REAL" endurance rider.   
Statements such as "LD's are not "REAL" endurance riders. "  "So and so is 
not a "REAL" endurance rider."  I own a Harley and for a long time belonged 
to various lists regarding Harley riding.  Funny thing is there was constant 
discussion as to what is a "REAL" biker.  I've never quite figured out the 
distinction there either.  Maybe I am missing the point or maybe I just don't 
feel the need to label those around me as "REAL" or "UNREAL".   

To conclude my first and most likely last post on RC.  I'd like to 
congratulate Howard for his BC.  I'd also like to congratulate all of you who 
participate in a great sport and finish to the best of yours and your horses 

Patty Sullivan 
(going back to my So. Cal list where the posts are polite, the moderation 
strict, and the information flows freely) 

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