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[RC] High headedness and arabs and martingales - Sundaez

My trainer is working with an arab mare I got recently. She has had many "issues"...one of which was balking and bucking. After 2 months of daily riding we are getting past that. She was barely broke to ride...traveled all strung out and was pretty clueless except for the most rudimentary commands. She gets mad if you ask anything but is learning to learn.

This mare though--I have never seen a horse carry her head the way she does. She carries her head like a llama...even when at liberty. yesterday I turned her out and she flipped her head straight up and traveled a couple strides like that! I have no idea how she can see. She looks very arabianish  with her high head but I'm not sure how this is going to work out under saddle. She has learned to relax at the poll at the walk but as soon as trot comes up goes the head. Forget about vertical...I've never seen her even come close to that position!

My trainer wants her to learn to carry her head low naturally, without forcing it into position with a martingale. I'm wondering if this will ever happen. I can't keep her in training indefinitely...in fact... the meter is almost up :)

Since so many of you ride with martingales can you give me some info on introducing it to a high headed horse. I have a feeling she will panic if her head is confined. Does the running martinagale only engage if she pulls up? How does a horse react the first time she wears one?