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Re: [RC] warm spot on back - Bonnie Davis

'hot spot'.  A place where uneven saddle pressure pushes on the horse's back, causes a 'numbness' and then warmer to the touch.  How it affects the horse's back depends on how long it continues.  Can cause rubbed off hair, raw spot.  One can tell if the saddle isn't sitting square and close on the horse's back if the hair along the back of the saddle is worn shorter than rest of hair on back.  Means saddle is twisting or rolling side to side to much as the horse moves -- a rider without good balance can do this to a saddle too. 
I use one-inch egg crate foam pads under all my saddles.  My saddles weight approximately 37 and 65 pounds each.  Started to use foam about 30 years ago with a Leo horse that had horrible withers.  He had really been galled before I bought him -- white hair all over withers.  So (again) an old cowboy friend who packs said to try the foam pads.  They really work plus they help to keep a saddle in place without a really tight cinch (but I still use breast collars for those up hill climbs).  Have to buy a new foam pad every year and they are getting harder and harder to find.  The blue ones 'people' use in hospitals are not dense enough.
Bonnie Davis
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From: Sullivan
Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 8:30 PM
Subject: [RC] warm spot on back

Can anyone tell me if you run  your hand down a horse's back....and feel a warmer portion toward loin area, but no signs of soreness or flinching...does this still indicate some inflammation?
Scenario is 6 year old horse, we are in week 8 of ponying/riding.  She had not been ridden for about 2 years, so I am taking it slow, with a lot of walking to build up.  I am always checking legs and back after the longer rides....and so far no problems.  Saturday we did a 9 mile ride, took 2 1/2  hours, mostly flat, some gradual climb.  Did a bit more trotting ,and canter at one point. 
I use a Sport saddle with skito pad. and have never had any back soreness with my horses, but am aware this mare will have to strengthen back muscles as well as get legged up. 
Anyway, have never noticed before, a difference in temperature on the back.  Again, she did not show any discomfort to palpation.

[RC] warm spot on back, Sullivan