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RE: [RC] shoeing question - Wendy Mancini

My farrier leaves that rim on the sides and always makes sure there is shoe behind the heels.  He shoes alot of show jumpers as well as trail & distance horses & hates to "short shoe".  Yes, it's a support thing & also protects heels from rocks & stones.  The only time this is a problem is if a horse forges or tends to step on the inside of the opposing hoof, then they pull shoes constantly.  I've heard some farriers just make a habit of not leaving any edges & then don't have to worry about pulled shoes.
Karen Bratcher asked:
Just curious how most people have the shoes fitted to their horses' =
hooves.  When I was in horseshoeing school (um, about 25 years ago, and =
no I never pursued it past the class) we were taught to leave _at least_ =
"the thickness of a dime" of shoe sticking out sideways past the hoof =
wall on the quarter and heel area, and at least 1/8" out behind the =
heels.  The theory being for more support.