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Re: [RC] [AERC-Members] multiday "speeds" - Annie George

oxymorons.................Haa Haa Haa Very funny! Speaking of Morons........ You guys just keep digging your grave a little deeper dontcha?!  We wimmen understand that the more fearful the male becomes the more he chatters about nothing. Annie G.
Anne George Saddlery  www.vtc.net/~ageorge
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Sent: Monday, July 14, 2003 6:06 PM
Subject: Re: [AERC-Members] multiday "speeds"

Quit you groveling - it doesn't become you. You know there is no such
thing as feminine logic- you told me as much many times in the past. You
are starting to sound like Howard - you know the AF any port in a storm
mentality. Is that how you want to be remembered. You are,   may  remind
you the Corps. You of all people can't let some woman back you down.

Think of the tradition - think of the flag being held up by three
Marines. Where is your brain, man. Have you lost it. We are speaking of
a higher ground where the feminine logic doesn't make it through the gate.

I right now am eating my dinner having he privilege of sitting down with
a Marine on my right side an a Ranger on my left. They want to remind
you of the sacred honor you took so many years ago - and that still
holds. ( Actually the Ranger is getting a real kick out a Marine sucking
up to a woman) and the Marine is sitting here with his stomach being
eaten away by a member of the Corps sucking up to a woman. We are all
getting a real charge out of this. Yes I know it is a slow night but
that's good and hopefully I'll be home early.

Bob, the free world depends on you - don't let us down.


Bob Morris wrote:

>Terre, terre, Please I did not cast aspersions on feminine
>logic. I cautioned Truman against questioning it no matter
>how confused it sounded. Feminine Logic is never to be
>questioned by a male if they are to have a long harmonious
>life. It is one of life's true oxymorons. I apologize, if
>you think I am casting aspersions I will crawl into my hole
>and hide for shame.


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