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Re: [RC] Endurance Reality Check - Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

You are absolutely right on one hand. You all have a brilliant sport, wonderful people participating, and fantastic places to ride. Those are the things that drew me into Ridecamp to learn about endurance in the hope that we could have all of that here in Egypt, where we have the horses in vast quantity, we have fantastic places to ride, but we don't have the sport. Having seen how little it takes in terms of the wrong inputs and influences to totally ruin the situation in Egypt, you DO have to watch over and safeguard your sport, but you shouldn't let the safeguards take over. The best safeguard of all is keeping money out of the sport as much as possible. The cash that flooded into "endurance" in Egypt turned a fun activity into a source of income, and I hate to think of all the horses that have died in the pursuit of the cash.

in Cairo where a cool, forested path would be MOST welcome.

On Friday, Jun 20, 2003, at 23:58 Africa/Cairo, DVeritas@xxxxxxx wrote:

??? I gotta ask the question...
??? Am I missing something?
??? I've been to three fifty's in the last three weeks and all I saw was a bunch of riders and horses and folks seeming to enjoy themselves.?
??? I ride in the Mountain Region.
??? One of the rides was pretty big (100+ rigs) and the other two were well-attended.
??? With all of this talk of horses dying, electronic chips for identification, cheating and treating, , I'm wondering why some folks would want to ride endurance at all.
??? If I was a newbie, I know I would be wondering that.
??? Certainly, a well-informed dialogue regarding the serious topics being discussed is a good thing, but from time to time remembering how beautiful this sport is can help us all focus on what is truly important.
???? And I know, none of us want to hurt our horses....so keeping that in mind (and at the forefront of that mind) why don't we all just pretend we're riding on a cool, forested path talking and exchanging ideas rather than beating each other up with them?
??? Not Intentionally Wanting to Sound Like Rodney King,
??????? Frank


[RC] Endurance Reality Check, DVeritas