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Re: [RC] Loose stallions revisited - Linda Parrish

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From: <rides2far@xxxxxxxx>
Sent: Friday, June 20, 2003 3:00 AM

Gee, ya'll are having so many problems, I think I'll relate the Alabama
. These stories are
making me darned glad I don't have a mare to worry about that creature
getting with.

Um, the Texas version is that the neighbor turns a horse into the pasture
that has a connecting fence-line that my four geldings share. The new horse
happens to be a stallion. Two of my boys ended up hurt in the resulting
One was just a hematoma on the chest/neck area - just sore for a few days.
The other is my yearling. He got tangled in the wire. His right rear hock
and upper cannon now have wire cuts and puncture wounds. After a vet visit
where we took three x-rays of the leg, I am doing the hydro thing several
times a day and spraying a silver bandage on it. It should heal just fine,
but there wouldn't have been a problem if the neighbor had told us he needed
to turn his horse out. He just didn't have time to haul water to his
penned-up stallion.
We are now building a fence with space between the two so that if he turns
out again in the future maybe there won't be any vet visits.

Oh, and since this guy never leaves the pasture, there is no Coggins on
him....No vaccinations....>sigh<
the joys and agonies of living in the country,
Linda Parrish

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Re: [RC] Loose stallions revisited, rides2far