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Re: [RC] [RC] Night riding - headlamps - Nancy Mitts

Either style will probably need some modification to work on an equine riding helmet. Extra velcro or duct tape. Leave yourself time to play with them a while before the ride. It is important that they stay in place.
We use the Petzl Duo, I've not tried an LED. I figure if I'm going to need a light, I want LIGHT! The duo lets you use either a long range beam (great for finding markers) or a wider dimmer beam.
Tips for riding together with lights: Seeing someone elses beam from behind can cause motion sickness.
When Monte & I ride together the one in front uses the long beam for markers & headknockers, the one behind can ride dark or drop back a little & use low beam.
I don't have too much problem holding my head still. The only problem is if I hear a noise or something off to the side & I turn to look, be prepared for your horse to follow the beam!
The only time headlights seem to interfer with the horses is if you flip them on and off. If it's needed frequently leave them on. If the footing is uneven or rocky our horses willtravel faster with lights. If you're going to turn them off, stop a few seconds and then walk off to make sure they've adjusted. I have found glowsticks on the breastcollar pretty useless if you need to see headknockers and high ribbons. They're okay if you're riding on clear trails or roads & you're concern is being seen.

Nancy Mitts

From: Timothy Worden <ndrorydr@xxxxxxxxx>
Carolina Moonlight is approaching. Hopefully the sky will be clear so the moon will actually be of some help. But Lara and I also want a couple LED headlamps to strap on our helmets.

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