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Re: [RC] Advice on Dealing with "Strange" Dogs - Stephanie E Caldwell

As far as turning and facing a dog to get them to leave you alone... I
don't know how much ya'll have actually done that but I've done it
plenty. About all it does is get the dog to back up a few steps and as
you turn around he comes right back. Works kinda O.K. on one dog but
multiple dogs are much more brave. We end up turning many times to keep
the dogs back and the dog just keeps staying bold because they are plenty
quick enough to stay out of the way of anything but a cutting horse.

They're quick enough to stay out of a cutting horse's way, too. :) I had
sympathy for the dogs and wouldn't hurt them until they attacked my horse.
She can be a real b*tch to dogs when she wants to, but it made no difference
to these dogs. They first came at us and went for my friends little Arab,
Star cut them off and chased them into the woods. About 10' later they
darted out and went for her heels, that time she connected and threw one of
them a good ways. The next time they came out was about 10' later and we
spun and chased them out in to the field and ran them, but they still
continued to follow us and terrify my friends horse and make Star real
touchy about anything behind her. After paying $45 for a Rabies vaccine and
exam to see if she got bitten and now I will worry for 6 months until the
threat of her possibly having Rabies is over.

I will not worry about damage I do to other people's dogs who are lose where
they're not supposed to be. Why should I, whom doesn't like dogs in the
first place, worry about hurting someone's dog who's intent upon causing my
horse harm? So I can pay more vet bills and chacne my horse having injuries?
My view on animals is if you own them it's your responsibility to keep them
at home, if they're not where they belong then they're fair game if they
attack my horse.

Was it cruel to shoot them? I think it was more cruel to let more be
born. It was definately cruel to the neighbor's sheep they killed. Also,
with all the talk about rabies it's scarey that I'm pretty positive none
of them had ever had their shots. A firecracker was the least of those
dog's worries.

My neighbor has shot 16, and animal control trapped one, there's still some
on the loose. Some of these were pets that were allowed to run lose, some
were feral dogs. I have no sympathy for the people who let their animals run
loose, that may sound cold to many but after my horse being attacked twice
by the pack of dogs I'd love to see them all done away with. I understand
that things *occasionally* happen and people's animals get out, but if the
dog is mean then there's no excuse. My neighbor's Chow got out and bit me
and my horse (the horse ran behind me for protection), I called them to let
them know what had happend. They made the comment that they were very lucky
I didn't shoot it and he's not been out since.


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[RC] Advice on Dealing with "Strange" Dogs, rides2far