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[RC] bad batch of elytes!!!! Please read - DeAnn Schnepple

I need to ask you to do me a big favor! A customer of mine, Gail Zeck, is going to the Sunriver ride. She will probably be doing the 100, but may do a 50. Problem is that she may have a bad batch of Lyte-Now electrolytes. If so, she could end up in trouble on the ride. So, Please--leave a message for her with Ride Management as soon as you get there. Hopefully, they can get her a message.

Gail needs to know that any syringes from Lot # 14310 are BAD. They are dried out and cannot be used. Any others should be OK, but best to pull the caps off and look at them just to be sure.

I have been trying to reach her on her cell phone, called ride management (one number was "disconnected" and the other didn't answer) and am about out of ideas. So, if you can help me out I would appreciate it!

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