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[RC] Alternative Ride/Race After-care - rides2far

Wow Roger,

You always make me tired with all the stuff you do. >g< I remember
sitting with Joe Edwards, who is a minimalist and just watching you at a
ride once. Joe sat there in his lawn chair and was just exhausted from
watching all the stuff you did. Then he said it was like parking next to
a drug dealer with people knocking on your trailer at all hours and you
selling them baggies full of powdered substances. >eg<

For those of you who are thinking, "Oh my gosh, I have to do all that?"
Here's my routine. Finish ride. Put horse back on the picket line and
give him some privacy for awhile. I try to sponge him off & clean him up
right when I finish the ride before it cakes on, but once he's on the
line I leave him alone. He doesn't want groomed. Make sure water & hay
are fresh. 

Put on some nice loose clothes (with lots of baby powder first), drink a
diet coke and take a nap. Occassionally take him for a walk. I measure
out a full feeding of grain and sit it by the trailer, then toss him a
couple of handfuls every time I happen by so he gets it gradually. Keep
an eye on the legs. Kaboot always stays tight so never a problem there. I
have a fear of things that go on under wraps. Stay the night. Visit with
friends and let my horse rest. Eat the ride meal. Go back for seconds
since you know plenty of people left. Eat Nina's chocolate chip cookies.
Sleep late the next day.
Give the horse at least one day off for every 10 miles he went. If he's
on a pretty heavy schedule I may up his grain for a few days after the
ride, then slowly back off again before going back to riding him. 

Arrive home. Put horse in field. Race other four family members for the
shower. Later, sit cooler on sidewalk with plug pulled draining and leave
it there for a week or two occasionally dumping out rainwater. Carry in
any left over meat which nobody wants to eat anyway because it's been
floating in cooler water. Cokes will sit in cooler until the outer paint
sort of fades and nobody wants them.  It takes about 2 days for us to
bother to get things out of the truck as we need them. The trailer will
be unhooked when we run out of cars to drive and somebody needs it bad
enough to bother. At the end of the week I'll open my tack box and see
mud incrusted girth, etc. which I now have to stomp on and beat on the
fence before it can go in the washer.

Use Glass Plus to scrub green stuff growing in cooler and pack up for
another ride.


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