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Re: [RC] strange dogs - not running - Tiffany D'Virgilio

on 6/16/03 8:50 PM, GarnerT at GarnerT@xxxxxxx wrote:

These dogs totally
ignored their owners and terrorized my young horse and that is unacceptable.

It may be unacceptable, but there is no way you can prevent that from
happening.  Somewhere you are going to encounter stray dogs, and your safety
is compromised if you can't get this horse used to this. One big problem
like this can be a really big deal for some people, a horse that runs off,
even once in a while, scares most people to death. I remember this amazing
gelding that came through the AHRN. I test rode him, and in the arena he was
a dream. I wanted him, but I had just found my mare, and wouldn't trade her
ever.  Anyway, I found out he ran off when a certain thing happened on
trail, and he was sold many times because of it until he was finally given
to us. His adopter also wound up giving him away because he did it to her
If your horse sees dogs all the time, I wonder why he got so frightened.
Most horses that are housed with dogs get pretty used to them being around
and get naturally desensitized. I guess I would walk a horse like this
around on a lead until he could deal with loose dogs. Walk him through a
neighborhood with a lot of dogs or even have a friend take their dog with
you on the walk to ensure the horse gets used to it without hurting you or
having the risk of being dumped.

Good luck, I don't think anyone meant to be condescending, just concerned
about you getting hurt and offering their best solution.

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[RC] strange dogs - not running, GarnerT