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[RC] strange dogs - not running - GarnerT

You guys, we were not "running" from the dogs.  Everyone knows that if you
run, dogs will chase you.  We were whirling, darting, bucking, rearing,
dashing, plunging, and attempting to run away in a complete panic (my
horse).  I was doing my very level best to get him around to face the dogs.
Sometimes, in spite of your knowledge, strength, and ability, you cannot
stop your horse from frenzied panic.  I have a friend who is a professional
reining/cutting trainer.  He was working cattle with a green colt.  The
rancher had emus in with the cattle.  The minute the colt saw those birds,
he was gone!  The rancher and the cowboys wondered where Jim was going.  He
told me, "Wherever the horse went!"   A brief runaway can even happen to the
"experts."  My point was, her smug attitude that the incident was my fault
really irritated me.  If her dogs had not attacked my horse, we would have
gone right past them.  We share a large area of land with hikers, trail
bikes, motorcycles, and lots of dogs.  Most people can control their dogs.
I have 3 dogs and they had better come when I call them, or stop doing what
they're doing when I tell them.  What I don't like are unleashed dogs,
ranging where they want, and not minding their owners.  These dogs totally
ignored their owners and terrorized my young horse and that is unacceptable.

Kathy & Taz

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