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[RC] Ride/Race After-care - Dana B.

Frank wrote:

You know, after reading Barney Fleming's very fine article in the new Endurance News, I got to wondering about how many folks really know how to care for a horse after an endurance effort....
.....what are the things that would give us more insight as to a metabolic-issue sliding silently 'round the corner AFTER the endurance effort.....skin tenting, cap refill, mucous membrane?

Boy, am I all ears on this one.  Great question, Frank!

I just completed my 4th LD Saturday, a 25 with some pretty good climbs.  Our two horses had As and Bs at final check, but gut sounds were Cs.  I watched them closely through the afternoon.  One horse was cheerful and ate and drank throughout.  The other (whose final overall was A-) just wanted to rest, and just occasionally ate when I hand fed her slurry.  I watched her HR (stayed at 40) and gut sounds (not that I'm totally sure what I'm listening for with gut sounds, but I could hear noises), and about 4 hours later she was perky again. 

So, should I have managed her differently?  Or just let her sleep, like I pretty much did?  Was she tired, or metabolic?  BTW, she's 20 yo and has had fair conditioning but not great conditioning. Heat was not an issue.  I'm thinking she was just tired, but I sure worried about her all afternoon.



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