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[RC] [Guest] Stallions - Ridecamp Moderator

Autumn Whitt awhitt@xxxxxxxx
I take particular interest to Heidi Smith's comments on stallion management - I share your philosophy on the importance of stallion socialization and learning the proper time to breed. I am looking for some advise. I have a young (5 1/2 years) stallion who is learning endurance and breeding all at the same time. He is an incredibly quiet, nice horse to ride, so he does know that that is not the time to breed. However, he does hate to be alone at home and will pace nonstop. Sooo, I have tried to give him a "buddy" (a bred mare) not only for company, but to learn what is proper behavior around another horse. He just isn't getting it, though, and has gotten himself beat up quite a bit. I am afraid he will end up with a debilitating injury. Last week he did manage to get himself kicked in both front legs (femur area, above carpus). I know that it takes time to become acquainted, but how long do I "hang" in there and let him get beat up? I believe putting two bred mares with him would probably work better just so that the mares will go off and graze and not be so concerned that they are with this obnoxious stallion who will not leave them alone, but the area I have set aside for my stallion is about 2 to 2 1/2 acres and I'm real conscientious about my grass not being overgrazed. There are horses across from his pasture and he is totally content as long as they are out, but I do not have control over that as they are not mine.

Got any advise for me?

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