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Re: [RC] Stallions - Heidi Smith

From: "Bette Lamore" <woa@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks, Maggie, for the clarification--- didn't know that. Sounds like
similar requirements for the National Show Horse Registry so far as
percentages are concerned. I would sure research though whether there is
a big market for Morab stallions as opposed to people preferring to
simply cross purebred Arabians with registered Morgans. I would imagine
the Morab Registry would have such statistics. That would sure be a
factor I would consider before deciding whether or not to keep/market my
horse as a stallion.

I'm always hearing about market, market, market with regard to stallions.
I'm as much a free enterpriser as anyone, and don't mind at all breeding
outside mares.  That said, the #1 reason for me to keep and stand a stallion
is for ME.  I realized back in the early '70's that the "mainstream" Arabian
industry was taking a direction toward types of horses that I didn't care to
ride, and that was THE main factor that caused me to become a breeder. (The
only other factor was a genuine interest in raising horses.)  History has
borne me out, and top endurance horses still tend to be the same sort of
horse that I admired back then.  I've had stallions ever since, and although
I've bred some outside mares, what I've discovered is that other riders have
felt the same way I have, and are glad to find rideable horses being bred.
Where all this is leading is just to say that as long as the person owning
the stallion is happy with his/her reasons for owning that stallion, what on
earth does market have to do with it?  Ridden stallions tend to be happy
stallions, for the most part, so I don't think the welfare of the horse is a
major issue here, either.  So to Jess, if having a Morab stallion is "your
thing" and you can do it well--go for it!  Don't worry if your "market" is
tiny.  If you do nothing more than raise a few foals for yourself AND YOU
GAIN SATISFACTION FROM THAT, then the market can go hang.


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