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Re: [RC] Stallions - Bette Lamore

Amen, Maggie
I have gelded probably more than my share of stallions. In fact, one month I actually had 10 gelded. Even Mark was walking around with a athletic protector--- afraid he'd be next!
I have had many outstanding athletic colts, but unless the colt has something that truly sets him apart, and I have the time, energy and funds to stand another stallion, there is really no reason to keep him in a state that doesn't allow him total freedom to be with the herd.
I do still him three stallions and a colt now-- I must say I love their majesty. Two are together and are my outcrosses for my Halynov daughters. Riverdance is Hal's legacy (almost a clone of his dad) and the jury is still out on Romanov as he is only 6 months old. The only thing stopping me from cutting him now is that he looks like he may reach 16 hands, like his sire, he has terrific conformation, action, and a great disposition. And even with all that I have to decide is it truly worth the extra effort is takes to maintain a stallion. As there are not many tall Arabians with good movement and type, he may miss the knife. We shall see--- but the point is I am a breeder and still have a tough time justifying NOT gelding a colt.
I would definitely not keep a stallion who was not a specific breed-- even Saddlebred-Arabian crosses have to be registered as National Showhorses in order to have value as breeding stallions. Something to think about.

Maggie Mieske wrote:

What are your reasons for keeping him a stallion and not gelding him? Is there a market for Morab stallions at stud? Stallion keeping is not easy but I would not do it just for the sake of being able to have and ride a stallion. We have two...one is getting gelded very soon...I am hoping for some cooler weather as I have decided I don't really want to wait til fall. It had always been our intention to promote Malik as an endurance stallion. We had never intended to keep Mykal as a stallion but he was soooo sweet. He still is except that this year, he has turned into a blooming idiot around mares! Not sure why. That's why he didn't go to Kentucky with us....not taking any chances! And he doesn't really produce the best babies...Malik's foals are superior in bone and body. Mykal produces foals better suited to the show ring. I think he will make a fabulous gelding. Just be sure you do it for the right reasons because it is NOT easy though it CAN be done. Just because Malik is such a good boy doesn't mean my work is ever done with him. :) So, please don't be offended but I wanted to be frank with you. I'm afraid I gush too much sometimes about Malik and I don't want anyone to get the impression that it was/is easy...it's been a long 4 years with him and we have many more to come... we still occasionally have big disagreements about what constitutes appropriate behavior....fortunately, mostly at home and not very often anymore. :)
Hope to see you at Wolverine and I'd be happy to visit with you more about stallions then if you'd like. Take care!
Miles of smiles,

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    Subject: Re: [RC] Stallions

I just wanted to chime in and say THANKS! to everybody posting
about their stallions. I am about to buy a gorgeous Morab colt to
use for riding and breeding and this thread has calmed my nerves a
lot! Most of what has been said on this board about stallion
keeping and riding has held true to my own beliefs about them. A
lot of the people I have consulted have been telling me i can't
ever ride him in public, can't take him around mares or he'll go
crazy, etc etc. He is about to turn a year old and has been
pastured his whole life with mares and geldings so I'm going to
try and keep tat arrangement at my place. He's a very laidback boy
so I'm hoping it works out. Any suggestions for fencing, training
when he comes to breeding age, etc would be VERY welcome. Thanks
guys (and gals)!
Jess (oh no! my herd is increasing again!)
www.magickmorning.com <http://www.magickmorning.com>

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        Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2003 11:08 AM
        Subject: Re: [RC] Stallions

At Tevis in 2000 I was sitting at Fransisco's with several
other horses waiting for a trailer ride out, one of the horses
was a stallion, and I ride a stallion...the trailer was a tiny
side by side, and none of the other riders wanted to put their
horses in a trailer with a stud, so the gal on the other
stallion and Willie (my guy) got voted to the end of the
line...The other rider and I watched one horse after another
refuse to get in the little trailer--pushing their owners
around, lunging backwards at top speed, etc...finally everyone
had to concede that she and I should get a turn to try to load
our horses, too...we looked at each other and walked our
stallions into the trailer cheek to cheek--they both travelled
up to Auburn without so much as a single squeal.
When I started breeding him last year, I looked up just a TON
of Heidi Smith's advice, and followed it religiously...Willie
now refuses flatly to breed unless all the elements are
perfectly in place--seriously--He is always pastured with
other horses, geldings and/or stallions, at various times,
and occasionally pastured with the (theoretically bred)
mares...he'll tease them, and if one comes into heat, he'll
run to the gate and yell at me to come catch and breed
them...I dunno if he thinks he CAN'T do it by himself, or just
what--but following strict breeding protocols WORKS...I have
no worries about what happens if he dumps me at a ride...he'll
probably yell at me till I get up and back on...

Mel Sherman

Wild Heart Horses

Goldendale, Washington

www.wildhearthorses.com <http://www.wildhearthorses.com/>

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-- Bette Lamore Whispering Oaks Arabians Home of 16.2h TLA Halynov who lives on through his legacy Hal's Riverdance! http://www.arabiansporthorse.com

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