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Re: [RC] Horse Fatalities, Part Two - Magnumsmom

John wrote
Your reference to the Jenkins decision proves my point: people should have
the guts to protest abuse when they see it in the here and now with specific
factual testimony and not whine about it with hearsay generalities on 
years later if they actually want to save horses.

To which Heidi responded:
(...and then went off on a tangent about pulling
horses instead of along the thread of what I
brought up in the first place)

First, John, you named Jenkins here, not I. 
After much thought, I regretfully have to 
respond one last time.

As I have already stated (and in regards to Jenkins) 
the matter WAS reported in depth and with detail *in 
a timely manner* by persons who were there and saw 
some things they thought were serious enough to report.  
So I do not know why you keep going back to your 
"it has to first be reported" defense.

My original question on the horse fatality thread
and where the Horse Welfare Committe could start
had to do with whether or not we should sanction 
riders for horse abuse / death in some cases 
(such as Jenkins), and if so, specifically how?  
What is the Horse Welfare Committe coming up with 
in this arena?  *I* thought this was a fairly 
obvious place to start, given that more than one
of these questionable events has occured in our 
recent past.

Perhaps, if it is not "for Ridecamp ears", you 
could answer my private question privately which 
had to do specifically with what was missing 
from the reports that did not allow a sanction 
in the case you mentioned here? (Again, it was
*not* that the reporting wasn't done.)  What would 
need to be reported in the future to sanction
a rider for horse abuse? (since apparently the 
reports I mentioned *privately* were not enough?)

Maryben, you know I love you dearly.  Would it
really be too hard to simply ban a rider like this 
from membership and rides, irregardless?  Might 
make a point to other AERC members as well.

Again, respectfully,

Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM

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