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[RC] Strange Dogs - GarnerT

My horse & I were attacked by 2 dogs running ahead of a mother & young son
on bicycles while riding alone one day.  I could tell the dogs were going to
be trouble because the minute they saw me, they took off for me.  In spite
of the mother's commands, the dogs continued toward my very green 4 year old
& myself.  Not only did they surround my horse, they nipped & bit him.   He
bolted through a field filled with squirrel holes until I could finally stop
him to face them.  With my yelling & the mother & son finally riding up to
where we had "made our stand" the dogs stopped.  She then had the nerve to
say in a very condescending tone, "You know, the worst thing to do is to run
away from the dogs."  I kept my tongue because I am a school teacher & she
had a young child with her.  I finally told her that there is a leash law in
California and if she ever sees me on my horse again ... GO THE OTHER WAY.
I don't  think spray bottles would have worked on these two very aggressive
dogs.  Besides, knowing me, I'd accidentally drink the ammonia!  If I
carried a gun, it would probably discharge shooting me, my horse, or my
riding partners!  A bullwhip would just end up being tangled around my horse
and me.  I'm thinking woman from Snowy River here.  If anyone else has any
suggestions, let me know!

Kathy & Taz (who pretty much is afraid of most dogs now).

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