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[RC] My Longest Ride Since 1998 - Tamara Taylor

Hi list,

I wanted to share a story about my great ride last night. It was only 4 miles 
long but it was the longest ride I've had since 1998 when I broke my pelvis in 
a car accident when I was 17. Up to this point I have only been able to ride 
for about 20 minutes before pain and fatigue set in. The doctor's have not been 
too supportive and I was told that with an arthritic condition in my SI joints 
I might not be able to ride normally again. The last couple of years I've 
mainly been just spending lots of time on the ground grooming and talking to my 
dear Magnum with a few short rides. But last night I took the plunge and rode 4 
miles. It was GREAT!!!!! We encountered elk, sheep, mules, wild geese with 
babies, cows, 2 pitbulls and 1 retreiver that wanted to eat us. Magnum was calm 
and mellow and took everything in stride. That is, til we came across a big 
scary fence post that he was convinced was trying to murder him. The best part 
is that today I am feeling great and the pain isn't too bad...and that's always 
a good thing.

I have goals of riding a 25. I'm not sure *when* but I KNOW it will happen. I 
have quite a ways to go yet but I feel this first 4 miles was a HUGE step for 
me. RC is such a great place as I feel like I really am part of the endurance 
community although I'm only riding a wee distance compared to those of you 
doing 100s! I have so much admiration for you guys!

Thanks for letting me be here and hear all the great stories. I feel so 
motivated and encouraged by your stories and tips that I really do think that 
one day I'll be a real endurace rider.

Isn't it awesome how a great ride can make you glow all day long??

Tamara Taylor
Saskatoon, SK

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