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[RC] Stupid Question - Yearling and Bug Spray - Tamara Taylor

Hello list,

Thank you all so much for your tips and support! I'm learning a lot.

So I tried it out today. I took Amos into the roundpen with halter and long 
lead. I kept his head/eyes toward me while I sprayed water on him on the finest 
mist with the same sprayer I use for fly spray. I held the sprayer close to my 
body and low. I followed him as he sidestepped and backed up. When he stood 
still for a couple of sprays I would stop spraying and praise him verbally and 
with his favourite scratches.

Now I still have a couple of questions...This worked well for the front (neck, 
shoulders, forelegs and chest) but I couldn't keep his head toward me AND spray 
his back, barrell, rump, etc. Either I had to step to the side, so his head 
wasn't pointed toward me, OR I had to stretch my arm out into the 
threatening 'gun' position that was mentioned. Can someone suggest how to work 
on the rear end of the body??

Also when he took a step back I would take a step toward him, following him. I 
have previously taught him that when I step toward him he should take a step 
away and respect my space. So I was wondering if my following him was 
actually 'pushing' him away and thus confusing him??

Thanks a bunch you guys. This is such a great list. I also rubbed him all over 
(head and legs too) with a towel. Its so much fun to get a baby ready 
for 'life' by teaching them all these things at the start. Clipper and hose 
advice would be appreciated too!

Tamara Taylor
Saskatoon, SK

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