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Re: [RC] Sue and Heidi how much beet pulp the day of the ride? - Heidi Smith

>Heidi, your post is close to what I'm experiencing right now.  My 11 yo gelding has 4 rides (CTR/LD) on him.  The day of the ride he has no interest in hay.  He will graze if grass is available and will eat his beet pulp mashes well.  My question to you and Sue G. is how much of the wet mashes can I feed him to compensate for the lack of hay?  FYI - he does get beet pulp with every feeding, twice a day at home.
Whew, at least mine eats about half of the hay I'd like him to the night before, and his interest in it picks up again by the second loop!  My inclination in your case would be to hand-graze him as much as possible, and let him eat as much soaked beet pulp as he wants, since he is used to it.  (Just started my guy on it, as keeping weight on has not been an issue with him--he did 2 LD's last year and did MUCH better on the 2nd one, so am hoping he will repeat that pattern this year as we head into our 2nd ride soon.)
>When we arrive  at the ride he  picks and usually will eat hay during the night before.  But the day of the ride he just looses interest in hay completely.   I've tried bribing him with alfalfa and friend's hay but after one or two bites he looses interest.  I know it's his way of handling the stress...he keeps it all internal...appearing quiet and aloof. 
I really worry about horses like that.  I personally think that they are telling you that this may not be their cup of tea.

[RC] Sue and Heidi how much beet pulp the day of the ride?, gwcarman