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Re: [RC] Pacing - Renie Burnett

Angie,  Really good post; I, too, dislike the "rubberband" riders;  Personally, I have always preferred to ride alone on a ride, but of course, not always possible.  Also, I have top tenned. Also BC,d. My"strategy" is just keep a steady pace.   I like to keep a steady, medium trot; no walking except for steep climbs, and sometimes some nice cantering when the trail allows it.  After many years, I found this was less tiring for horse and rider than a big, extended trot.  Of course, my horse had the God-awfulest trot; the vets used to give me their condolences as they gravely handed my card to me at the pre ride check;  "You're going to ride that trot for 50 miles??!!"  Renie