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[RC] [RC] EnduraMax vs. Summer Games Electrolytes - DreamWeaver

At Chicken Chase, in addition to 1 oz of lytes in each feeding, Tanna got
LyteNow paste 25 cc before the start, Summer Games (only 1 oz, I didn't
realize the dosage should be 2 oz) at the vet check, and 25 cc LyteNow after
the ride. I plan to use LyteNow on the trail between vet checks, but in the
future, I'm planning to use powder electrolytes mixed with applesauce at the
vet checks. (I just love those 80 cc syringes I am left with after using a
3-dose syringe of LyteNow).

hi April -- I got this out of the archives, and it isn't displaying your address for me to reply privately, so I'm sending it to RC.

The two horses I've got the most experience with I've tried with several different kinds of electrolytes and I've ridden them in all kinds of conditions over the years, and I have also participated in the Pride Project extensively--especially on multidays. My horses have donated a lot of blood, lucky them! I've never run into a metabolic problem, or a dehydration problem on a ride with my horses (I've been reeeeal lucky).

So that being said, I still don't have it figured out. It seems like Rocky does better with electrolytes like Lyte Now and Perfect Balance. Weaver does fine on anything, or nothing. On the website link you can see the bloodwork I put up for a day I did testing on Weaver and I also detail the protocol. That is pretty much how he does, he's always sort of "average" (for example, his potassium levels stay higher on Enduramax than Rocky's do on Lyte Now). Rocky on the other hand, is a whole different story -- and I don't think I'll *ever* figure him out. I do try to use elytes on him that have more potassium in them, yet, the bloodwork shows that it really makes no difference. It's really hard to recreate every situation though, so I can't go back and do it over again and only just change the electrolytes. So, I really don't know anything and have no clue about works best for my own horse, so I can't tell you what you should do with yours. :+P

About the best advice I can give you is if your horse is doing well with whatever it is you are doing now, then don't change anything. Or, if you do, only make small changes. If you start to run into a problem on a ride, slowing down will usually do more to help than changing what kind of electrolyte you use. I find that it seems to work if I use a pre-mixed elyte like Lyte Now or Perfect Balance during the ride, and the rest of the time use powdered enduramax. If it's a multiday, then I keep a tupperware of the mixed up enduramax and dose that at night and before the ride too, rather than put it in the food (and usually use that most of the time because it gets too expensive using pre-mixed stuff if you do many rides). It all depends on the horse, if they will eat it in their food then I won't dose them with a syringe. If they aren't eating it in the food, I quickly switch it out for food without elytes and then dose them. It changes at every ride. The horses are still apparently training me, they know I don't have them figured out yet. Just when I start to think I do, they change!

For a long time now, when I preload the horses before a ride I have just been adding plain loose salt into their soaked beet pulp. I do that a couple or three days before we leave for a trip. They seem to do quite well this way. For years I used enduramax powder, but now just the plain salt and I have not been able to tell any difference at all. I am now getting the horses used to pellets and complete feeds since we are heading into a new age of certified hay only, or no hay period....at some ridecamps. Paying close attention to protein and molasses levels. Nothing about horses is simple!

btw, I know I need to update the chart and add Endura-Lytes back in. I'll get around to that as soon as I can.

Happy Trails,
in NV
Granite Chief, 155 miles
Rocky, 6,125 miles
Dream Weaver, 5,835 miles

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