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[RC] EnduraMax vs. Summer Games Electrolytes - April Johnson

The thread on electrolytes got me looking and thinking about the
electrolytes I use with Tanna.

I went to the electrolyte comparison webpage
(http://members.tripod.com/ridephotos/electrolytes/compare.html, in case you
missed John posting it earlier today) and found that EnduraMax electrolyte
were the most popular for the people that voted (32% of 204 votes). So I
compared what I am using, Summer Games Electrolytes, to EnduraMax. Both put
out by KER (Kentucky Equine Research), btw.

Basically, the major difference is the amount of calcium per ounce (and
because of that, the calcium/magnesium ratio is different).

This past ride, at Chicken Chase, Tanna got an alfalfa/grass hay mix. He
usually eats grass or grass hay at home. I still have 4 bales of the
alfalfa/grass hay and am planning to take that to Liberty Run for him to
eat. (And yes, I intro the different hay before going to the ride).

So, here comes the question. Does the alfalfa/grass hay provide the extra
calcium that he should have at an endurance event, or should I switch my
electrolytes to EnduraMax that has much higher calcium per oz (170 mg/oz in
Summer Games vs. 754 mg/oz in EnduraMax)? Here's another. If I can't get the
alfalfa/grass hay after these 4 bales are gone, should I switch to

At Chicken Chase, in addition to 1 oz of lytes in each feeding, Tanna got
LyteNow paste 25 cc before the start, Summer Games (only 1 oz, I didn't
realize the dosage should be 2 oz) at the vet check, and 25 cc LyteNow after
the ride. I plan to use LyteNow on the trail between vet checks, but in the
future, I'm planning to use powder electrolytes mixed with applesauce at the
vet checks. (I just love those 80 cc syringes I am left with after using a
3-dose syringe of LyteNow).

For what it's worth, I'm in the hot, humid SE. :-)

Thanks for your thoughts. I'm mostly looking at the calcium and the
calcium/magnesium ratio.

Nashville, TN

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