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Re: [RC] needle shy horse - Truman Prevatt

Drawing blood from the Jbird is not a problem, nor is giving tranq's for floating teeth, etc. But when he sees a syringe - he is in orbit usually on his hind feet.


Susan Garlinghouse wrote:
Come out and try your theory on the Jbird. He's proved three vets wrong
so far. The only way we can do him is blinkers to keep him from seeing

There's no way of saying 'okay' without sounding as though I'm being
disrespectful to my elders,<g> but I've won a couple of pretty good beer
wagers so far getting to be the one to vaccinate the 'uninjectable' horse.
I'm sure it'll catch up with me someday, probably sooner than later, but
done okay so far.   Banzai vaccinating's easy---sometimes getting a jugular
sample is pretty interesting and getting a 12 cc blood sample from the
facial sinus---now THAT's exciting.  :-)

Susan G


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