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Re: [RC] needle shy horse - Heidi Smith

Along with what Heidi said, speed and a diabolical air of innocence is
everything in injecting a needle-shy horse.  You can remove the needle
the syringe, hold it firmly between two fingers and just slap it into the
pecs of the horse.  If they jump, fine.  Step back and let them.  If you
a 1 1/2" 20 gauge needle, it won't fall out if you inserted it all the way
to the hub.  Once they settle down, attach the syringe and inject it
*quickly*.  You don't need to mess with pre-swabbing with alcohol (which
99.9% for the owner's benefit, anyway), if the horse is really filthy,
brush him down or wait until after a bath.  Local topical anesthetics IMO
just make the horse suspicious that something is about to happen, and
anticipation is usually the big giveaway, as Heidi said.  JUST DO IT.

Susan is right on the money here.  And like her, I've frequently had the
last laugh injecting the "uninjectables."  And often drawing blood on them
as well.  The ones that are the most troublesome are the horses that go off
their rockers just being touched--when they are whirling around their owners
before one even tries to approach them, they can be challenging.  <sigh>
As Truman stated, though, with some spoiled horses, not being able to see
sure helps.  But then that's just one more reason for using the pecs for
vaccines--doesn't help with jugular sticks, but one can inject in the pecs
without the horse ever seeing the syringe or needle.  When I was a kid, we
did have one mare that we blindfolded with a towel for injections, and then
she would stand like a rock.  I think I saw more horses really tweaky about
needles back then, mostly due to the fact that we had to give the
old-fashioned encephalomyelitis vaccines that went intradermally, which was
a lot trickier than just sticking in a nice swift IM...


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