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Re: [RC] [Guest] Beta Blockers - Heidi Smith

Does anybody ride using beta blockers?  The doctor told him  endurance
ctr riding is too strenuous of a sport to use be using a beta blocker.
is on a beta blocker for his heart, and he is 41 years old.  Which is the
approxitmate median age for endurance riders.

Please post to the ridecamp list.

The original blood pressure med my doctor prescribed was a beta
blocker, but after I fainted off my horse a couple times in the
summer heat at a walk (my heart rate couldn't get up enough to pump
the blood at an adequate rate for cooling),  I went back to the
doctor for a change in meds!  I am now taking an ACE inhibitor and a
calcium channel blocker and neither drug, singly or together, seems
to inhibit my ability to do aerobic activity.  If, however,  the only
drug that will work for him is a beta blocker -- well, he's hosed:
he'll likely have to give up his sport (nothing is worth a heart
attack or a stroke -- been there done that!).  But that's for him and
his doctor to determine.

OTOH, I've been on a beta blocker for years (propanolol), and have never had
a lick of trouble with it.  Although I've only ridden sporadically the past
few years, just looking back at the years I've been taking it, I've done 750
miles, 3 100's, a couple of 75's, managed one win, and half a dozen or so
Top Tens.  And as I recall, the one win (on a 75, where we also earned BC)
was on an extraordinarily hot day.  And one of the 100's was a grueling day
where only three of us finished, all at the same time, with a riding time
close to 20 hours.  And I wasn't truly "fit" for most of those miles,
either.   So no, I wouldn't say he's automatically not going to be able to
endurance ride--just depends on dosage and how his particular body handles


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