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Re: [RC] bone spavin - Barbara McCrary

I raised a mare that developed a bone spavin in her hock by the age of 5.  She never did recover from it and is still off at the trot at the age of 14.  Many years ago, we had a QH with spavin and corrective shoeing helped him for some time, though it got him in the end.
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Sent: Thursday, May 08, 2003 9:23 AM
Subject: [RC] bone spavin

Hi guys, just a question (I think I always start that way?!-sorry)
We are looking for a horse for my daughter for her pony club riding and had one offered to us that sounds nice, with a nice temperment (most important), but he supposidly has a bone spavin.  I was told that it had been "injected", and that it also had fused, and that the gelding was running around healthy and seems to be very sound.
The horse is in Paso Robles, owned by a nice older woman whom I believe was being honest.  She is into more "driving" of horses as she doesn't feel she should do the riding like she used to. 
Anyway, I live in Auburn.  So, before I drive down that far to look at a horse I thought I'd ask you guys.  Any vets out there want to respond.
My daughters activities would be many.  Trails, Dressage, Eventing, Jumping.  For those who know Pony Club ratings she rides as a C1 currently and is going for her C2 rating in September IF we can find her a good horse.  He goal is to become an "A" by the time she is 19 or 20 which is a lot of work to get there and a lot of riding.
Anyway, we want to becareful what we chose as we don't want to overburden or over stress an animal, or cause problems of discomfort.  We like to condition them properly, but also take good care of them and try to prevent problems.
Bottom line question, should we even look at this gelding?  He is 7 years old, 15'3, bay, and seems to have no other problems.  He is fine by himself which is also important, and the lady says he likes to "free" jump in the arena.
Any imput, thoughts would be helpful as we want to make the right decision.

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[RC] bone spavin, Kathie Ford