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[RC] Neem for bugs? - Kristi Schaaf

I've been trying to find the most 'organic'
bug-repelling product I can to use on my pasture and
pets. I heard about neem oil through a friend who uses
only holistic products on her pets. I had never heard
of it so started poking around on the internet. There
are dog/cat sprays and soaps made with it, and it's
often used to repel insects from organic crops, but I
didn't find any info about its use on horses. I
emailed several companies, and got these replies:
"Spraying your horse pasture with neem should have no
ill effect on your horses.  We have customers that
spray their cattle feed with neem to control
intestinal parasites and help prevent fly larvae in
the feces.  We also have many customers that
spray/wipe their horses down with neem oil to help
protect them from biting flies and mosquitoes. (That)
might be a better way to help keep the ticks off your
(Mark Goodman, NeemOn-USA) 
"Neem is great for horses - Belmont Raceway uses it -
and it's great for humans too. Note: Neem is very
effective for mosquitoes, fleas, flies, ants - less
effective for Ticks - So use the product - but you
must also check your animals as well" (Susan Weiss at
So, do any of you use neem? It's available as a
commercially mixed product, or the oil can be bought
individually and mixed with soap or other ingredients
to create a spray. I'm just curious why this product 
isn't being widely used on horses if it works so well,
and I'm a little leary of using it on mine until I
hear of other horse owners using it without any
problems. Thanks, Kristi   


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