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[RC] riding in heat - Jonni Jewell

While Angie is looking at riding in the rain, I am still looking for a few
more thoughts on this heat issue and "hot heads". I have had more posts from
folks asking that I forward any info I get on keeping my head cool in the
heat under a helmet, than I am with idea. (But thank you so much to those
who have suggested a few things)

Some of the suggestions, some of them very basic, but we forget are:

White helmet, reflects the heat better (all mine are white)

Wet head, keep it wet. (I need to carry LOTS of water with me to do this
one, as our pond water is nasty on the trails, and I am not sticking MY head
in it...might come up with a turtle or snake attached <wink>)

Someone had a product from Cool Medics (can probably go on line to find it).
They make a vest that you soak in cold water, put on, then ride.

I used to wear a light weight, long sleeved white cotton shirt (mans dress
shirt) over a tank or sports bra, that I could take off, and dunk in the
water and put back on. I do better keeping the sun OFF my skin, with a light
weight long sleeve.

Another suggestion was to get yourself some Emergen-C, very much an aid in
hot weather IMHO.It's a powder that you add to water whenever you want.
Fizzes, not sweet, goes down easy.  I like the lemon-lime.Trader Joes has it
the cheapest here,  don't know 'bout there.

But the question is, anyone have a sure fire way to keep the head cool under
our helmets. (besides shedding the helmet, which for me is not an option)

Many are asking, so post to the list if you can, or I will forward without
your name if you wish. (I know some folks are shy, unlike me)

we are looking at 85F this weekend, and it has been humid. But I am tough
(yeah, sure, uh huh, real tough...meow...meow...)

Jonni in No. Texas (where all these storms seem to start)

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