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Re: [RC] Arab-Pony dieting - Susan Garlinghouse

It may be that we need to keep her dry lotted during the richest grass
season and let her pasture with the herd during winter of the year. We've

Before totally drylotting your pony, you might try putting a grazing muzzle
on her.  They sort of look like a wire cage with a padded rim that fits over
the nose and buckles to the halter---which in turn should have a 'fuse' on
the part that goes behind the ears in case she gets it caught somewhere.
Ideally, the muzzle still allows her to be out with her herd and get in some
grass time, but slows her down enough that she can't get her fill,
especially during lush growth phase.

That's the fancy-shmancy version of a grazing muzzle.  Not being very
fancy-shmancy myself, I take a plastic bucket with a rolled rim (the
Forti-Flex buckets are fine), remove the handle and drill some holes to
thread baling twine through to tie to the halter in four places---both cheek
rings, underneath and up top in the middle tied around the noseband strap.
The halter is still 'fused' for safety.  Then find a friend with one of
those round saw blades used to cut holes in doors for doorknobs, and cut a
couple of those in the bottom AND sides for good air circulation.  My bucket
muzzles all have maybe 7-8 holes cut in them.  They last forever, do a good
job and while the horses all think you're pulling a dirty trick, they adjust
well and don't have any trouble eating what they can and drinking well.
However, they need to have a tub or trough of water available---they can't
fit the buckets into automatic waterers to drink.

When you 'fit' the bucket onto their nose, it shouldn't be snug or it'll rub
sores, and the end of their nose shouldn't be squashed into the bottom of
the bucket---more sores, hard to wiggle your lips and just darned
uncomfortable.  You do need to tie the noseband string snug, or they do a
good job of rubbing it against something and getting out of it.

Anyway, give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

Good luck!

Susan G

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[RC] Arab-Pony dieting, Jerry & Susan Milam