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Fw: [RC] Arab-Pony dieting - Dot Wiggins

Be sure there are HOLES IN THE BOTTOM!!!!
Horses have drowned in nose bags and muzzles by dipping in water tanks and
creeks, and even when caught in a cloud burst.

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From: "Susan Garlinghouse" <suendavid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: "Jerry & Susan Milam" <milamj@xxxxxxxxxxx>;
It may be that we need to keep her dry lotted during the richest grass
season and let her pasture with the herd during winter of the year.

fancy-shmancy myself, I take a plastic bucket with a rolled rim (the
Forti-Flex buckets are fine), remove the handle and drill some holes to
thread baling twine through to tie to the halter in four places---both
rings, underneath and up top in the middle tied around the noseband strap.
The halter is still 'fused' for safety.  Then find a friend with one of
those round saw blades used to cut holes in doors for doorknobs, and cut a
couple of those in the bottom AND sides for good air circulation.  My
muzzles all have maybe 7-8 holes cut in them.  They last forever, do a
job and while the horses all think you're pulling a dirty trick, they
well and don't have any trouble eating what they can and drinking well.
However, they need to have a tub or trough of water available---they can't
fit the buckets into automatic waterers to drink.

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