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[RC] [Guest] My first 100 miler more or less. - Ridecamp Guest

Richard Dawson Mrsd @ qnet.com

My first endurance ride attempt was the Tevis in 1972.  My wife
Carolyn and I had  gone over to watch the ride in 1969 and 1970.
Due to an over-reach by the old grey mare I ended up with her
five year old daughter who I very dilegently trained for a total
of six weeks.  Man! that mare could really trot.

We drove over to Auburn about 10 days before the ride to pre-ride
the last 40 to 50 miles of the trail.  What fun.  my wife and I
rode with Paige Harper out to the river and back.  My mare tied
up on the way back to the barn and being such a superbly trained
informed rider I really felt that she was getting into good shape.
Good hard muscle tone.

That evening Marion Robie came by our pen and decided to do her
very best good samaritan deed.  She immediately got us going with
hot cloths and massage.  Ended up with walking the mare after a day
or two of rest and she seemed to come out of her problem.

Off to the start at Squaw Valley and while camped managed to meet
a very nice gentleman and his 13 year old  daughter who was riding
a very beautiful POA.  This young lady was very well spoken and polite.

A rule of the Tevis at that time was that all riders had to carry
a minimum of 165#.  Thgis lovely young lady was about 40 50 #
short of the minimum.  They tried  lead, rocks and finally two
giant wine skins full of water. (TOO BAD IT WASN'T what they were
designed for.)

Saturday morning we were off and thundering up the road to the
top of  Squaw.  We went over the top and down the other side
on the lower trail that had a beautiful meadow and some giant
boulders.  Lovely trail with great trees.   We had gone about
8 to 10 miles and that  POA was really moving.

I didn't look back for about a half mile or so  and when I did
the POA and rider were nowhere to be seen.. turned around and
at a full trot went back up the trail to find my charge.and
finally spotted her over behind some trees she had lost one
wineskin at the tie on the other had broken.  This kid was really upset.

I took the remaining skin and told her to stay with me no matter
what fell off.  Somehow I managed to drop the skin behind a tree
within the first 50 yards  and a little later she was really upset
when she realized that it was gone.  I kept moving down the trail
and was making good time when I looked back and she was gone again.
Back down the trail for another half mile and found
her hiding behind a tree.  This happened at least four times.
We came up to a small creek in Duncan Canyon and my mare took a
giant leap across this little trickle and an un-named portion of
my anatomy attem[pted to soften the blow of my rather beat up body.
It felt so good that I nearly passed out and was just wraped around
the mare's neck.  The lovely young lady kept asking
if everything was O.K. but all I could do was groan
and mumble unpprintable comments about  this lovely mare's ancestory.

Finally got to Robinson and  after the horse was declared O.K.
and I had gone to the little boys room and managed to give enough
blood for a transfusion, found someone else to take charge of this
delightful young lady and rode to Michigan . She did the same thing
to lady who took charge and managed to get her pulled
on time.

The mare went on to finish the Tevis 3 times.I, thanks to some wonderful
horses have finished 6 times.

I really love endurance.....

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