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[RC] Rocks, Hills, Weather, OH MY! - Trailrite

       I wanted to sort of speak my feelings on this subject and this is sort of off-the-wall.  I think that quite a few riders choose these days a ride to go to that has minimum challenges time after time. It seems that riders are selecting rides with none of the above mentioned tittles.  Riders need to view a few things a little different when entering this sport.  First of all, endurance is put on trails with hills, rocks, mud, sand, water crossings, wind, rain, hail, snow, etc. Not to mention, grass, flowers, views, trees, lakes, streams, waterfalls, etc.  This is the wonder of trail riding isn't it?
       If you as a rider want to not do so, then this sport may not be for you.  After all, you might have to get hot, cold, tired, have to get off and climb uphill, downhill, get your feet muddy, get wet, have a sun burn and chapped lips, etc...you get the picture.  But with all of that said, one thing you are is ALIVE and out there with your horse as a partner and companion.
       Each ride has trails in that area for that ride with tuff spots no matter what ride it is.  A rider will actually complain about the rocks or the climbs, wind or, etc....  And Yes, maybe you might want to start with an easier ride then work your way into a harder ride later.  That's understandable.  But we aren't seeing this much anymore.
       Your horse is capable of doing cross county because a horse is built for this sort of ability with a good rider.  Horses have carried us for as long as man first climbed on his back.   "The Ride" is the challenge for the day, whatever that ride has to offer.  Riders and horses need this experience to develop into better endurance challenges & goals.
       I hear riders back away from tough rides BUT, with the intentions of someday doing the Tevis or some other bigger ride goal in the same breath.  Then the Tevis day comes and the horse or the rider is not experienced to handle the challenge.  It's not the rides fault it would be your fault for not preparing.
       Why would a rider do simple rides only and have these goals ahead of them?  Knowing very well they are not training to get closer to their goal year after year.
       We should as riders seek these rides out more than once in a while for preparing both themselves and their horses.
       So seek out a good tuff ride and have some fun and teach you and your horse to prepare one step closer to that bigger goal you have.

Tammy Robinson
Trail-Rite Ranch & Products
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Santa Clarita, CA 91390
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