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Re: [RC] dealing w/herdbound/barn sour older horses? - Julie

I am also new to the list and have the same problem.  I recently purchased a 7yo Standardbred gelding that has been living at my place along with a quarter horse mare for the past 7 or 8 months.  Neither horse had been ridden since they came to live at my place.  After I purchased the gelding, I sent him off to a trainer for 6 weeks.  While at the trainer, I rode him several times with no problems other than an occasional spook.  Once we got back home and he was back with the mare, I have had severe problems trying to ride him w/o the mare.  I talked to the former owners and they said that this has always been a problem and they just always rode with them together.  Obviously I need to be able to ride him alone but I'm not sure how to get him less herd bound.  Everytime I try to ride away from the mare, he throws a fit, bucking, throwing his head, and trying to spin around and head back to the other horse.  My thoughts right now are to make him go just a little farther away from her each time we ride but any suggestions would be much appreciated.  He's a great trail horse and I'm really hoping to do my first endurance ride with him this summer.  TIA
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Sent: Tuesday, April 29, 2003 11:03 AM
Subject: [RC] dealing w/herdbound/barn sour older horses?

Hello: I recently joined this list and have been enjoying reading the questions and posts. Pardon, if this topic has been discussed over and over, but - I have a 22 year old 3/4 Arabian that I would like to use for competitive trail.  I only began conditioning him 2 weeks ago. I train on a 2 mile loop around a field.  Yesterday, he became extremely agitated to the point of almost dumping me when the other horses we were riding with went out in front of him. We were on the last 1/4 towards home.

My biggest concern is how is going to react at a ride? How to work through this?  I do have opportunities to ride with other folks, but do quite a bit of riding alone.  Any comments appreciated.

By the way, I took my 6 year old Paso to a novice competitive trail this past weekend and placed 3rd. Had a great time!

Thanks for all the great posts,




[RC] dealing w/herdbound/barn sour older horses?, Joslyn Seefeldt