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Re: [RC] [RC] Loose Salt - Shelley Kerr

I made a free feed salt mix with herbs and selenium.  My horses love it and I feed it where I can since I have to put it in buckets so needs to be covered.  It's about 90 percent salt, which is what all the free choice supplements are that I found.  I originally made it to give my mares in foal the extra calcium/phosphorous they needed without costing me an arm and a leg buying something over the counter.
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Date: Thursday, April 24, 2003 11:03:53 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] Loose Salt
Betty wrote

Last summer we compared two herds of 5 horses each. One herd
had the usual mineral salt block in the pasture. The other had
granulated salt in their pasture pan.  The horses given the
granulated salt ate 5 times more salt than the herd given the
block salt.  We are thinking that the horses "on the block"
get their tongues sore from licking the rough block - which
would raw their tongues and sting - and therefore quit licking
before they had enough salt in the diet.  Or, perhaps, the
"granulated" horses ate too much salt for a good dietary
About 5 years ago we started have a high incident rate of colic in our
older horses in our dude string , two horses and a mule all in their
late 20's colicked on us in a two month time period . They had been
eating the same grass hay that they have always been fed and had
access to heated water plus a running creek at all times .After trying
to figure out what was going on other than the older horses not
chewing/digesting their hay as well as the younger ones we put the
whole herd on loose salt which they ate more of and then would drink
more water and no more problems with any in the herd .We have not
had one colic incident since then . I believe the loose salt really
does make a difference and even if it gets wet and kinda hardens it
still is not hard as the block salt .
                          Drin Becker
                          Mtn Region

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Re: [RC] Loose Salt, Drin Becker