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[RC] Chicken Chase ~ Part 1 - FancyNite

Our adventure started Thursday.? We were in no hurry, we promised ourselves a "NO STRESS" weekend! (if that is ever possible)

We arrived at base camp (Bill Wilson's place) around 2pm (Kentucky time, as Amy calls it).? I was pretty surprised at the number of rigs already there.? COOL.? Good for Amy!? We set up camp and opted to NOT put out the awning. (only because half of the camp was blowing away already.. lol)

(This part is for Angie) We watched the nearest neighbors horses (Karen Cummings) literally CHASE each other in their corral (they must have done 25 miles, just in the corral).? The LITTLE (pony) mustang, that must think it is a 17 hand draft horse, gave new meaning to "MEAN AS*".? For a minute I thought about putting Savage with the little sh*t for some warm up.? When the littlest one trapped the bigger one, and that was all she wrote.? For a half hour we tried to catch the mighty renegades. They decided Bills pasture looked good and broke their way into it with Bills horses.? It could have been a very bad thing, thankfully we had them angels flying around camp.? Friday morning we had 2 more horses escape and parade through camp.? Their was one Saturday night too, and while no one knew whose horse it was, someone tied it to the closet trailer they could find.? That trailer happened to be Cheryl Fenton's, I reckon I don't have to say they didn't sleep much that night. (lol) In the morning they awoke to peaceful bliss, someone had retrieved the horse.

Friday morning we awoke to some cold weather.? Our friend Debbie DeWolf wanted to know how much snow we got. LOL? It was cold!? The 25s started at 7:30 (I think that is right, well, if not, there abouts) the 55s started at 8:00.? Our group, which consisted of myself, my husband (Robert), Debbie DeWolf and Kellie Moore left camp at 8:08.... Hey, we said "NO STRESS" remember.? Everyone wanted to know "What's wrong?".... lol? See we can go slow!? And to prove that point, I stopped along the way to pick Amy some flowers.? Everyone around at the time, got a pretty good chuckle when I handed Amy the flowers.? Remember we all had intentions of going on for 2 more days.? Oh and I got to meet April, Daniel and Tanna this weekend.? (Nice kids! Don't take that the wrong way April, your younger than me!)

Friday we finished 20-23.? Yeah.? Then the "OH CRAPS" began.? Shark didn't come down at the end, meaning Robert and Shark had a heck of a training day, but no completion.? We talked to a lot of people, along with the vets, wondering what the problem might be.? The only thing we have done different is we found his Thyroid level was low a few weeks ago and our vet put him on Thylo-L.? So after talking to folks (thank you Gene and Shelley Dake) and the vets, Robert has decided to take Shark Off of it.? That is the ONLY thing different we have done with Shark in over 3 years.? Has anyone else had this problem?? He did come down to 60, but it took him about 1 1/2 hrs. (he ate and drank fine all weekend) So that no one accuses us of flying... we did that TOUGH ride of 55 miles in 9 hrs.? I can tell you, we wish we would have shaved him, but before the ride we were having 20 degree nights... so we opted not to.

(to be continued)