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[RC] Chicken Chase ~ part 2 (that's it) - FancyNite

On the morning of Saturdays ride... all was well, Savage was bucking tied to the trailer, I KNEW I was in trouble.? I gave him a BRIEF massage and he felt GREAT.? Took off the blanket and fell to my knees in horror.? He had two BIG swelled eggs on both sides, were the girth was, about 4" behind the elbow.? BUMMER!? I took him up to Mike (head vet) and he agreed today was not a day to ride.? So I took the bucking wonder back to camp.? Iced him, lunged him, iced, lunged (you get the idea), hey we still had one more day to try for.? As he was again a bucking wonder, folks were asking me "Why, aren't you riding him today?"... whine, whine.

I offered myself to Amy, but she thought they had all ends covered. So Saturday was spent Crewing.? By golly if I can't ride, you can count on me to crew, and that is exactly what I did.? Mom (Julie Powell) and Cheryl were riding today and Kellie went on for another ~ YOU GO GIRLS!? I think we ended up crewing for about 10 people that day.? Yippee.? (of course everyone that passed our buckets was offered a drink too) We were asked to quit our day jobs and just hire ourselves out as "CREW."... Hmm, that might not be a bad idea.? I never got so many compliments!? Of course their was a few who thought I was crazy, handing jugs out of the bed of a moving truck!? lol

Sunday, I again awoke to a horse that was eager to please.? I brushed and was very relieved to find the swellings GONE!? Yippee.? I brushed the area and cleaned it well, and he never moved!? Yippee!? Then I realized that my horse hasn't been vetted sense Friday, so up I go to see Mike (sorry for interrupting your breakfast) and have him vet us in for Sunday.? As soon as Mike put his hand on Savages girth area, he (Savage) came unglued.? UGH!? Oh well, reckon it just wasn't meant to be. I asked about going bareback, Mike just laughed and grabbed Savages withers, then looked at Rob.? lol?? Just stinks I spent all that money padding all around for just one day.? But, I left camp with a happy healthy horse, that if his dumb as@ Mom would have gotten a new girth would have had a much better weekend!

So up I went, and offered my services to Amy.? By golly she took me seriously today! (lol)? Robert was to take PRs and I did everyone's PR times and times for departure.? We had A TON of fun doing it.? REALLY!? Now I am one CRISPY critter though!? I did get the pleasure of meeting some SE riders,? nice folks, their was a junior by the name of Scott (this one is for you Howard) {sorry, don't remember their last names}, he unfortunately got pulled Sunday... Poor thing I felt terrible, he made it 140 miles out of 155.? Darn good kiddo, be proud!? Anyway, he hung around us for a while and decided he would DOG us woman pretty good.? Poor thing, someone forgot to WARN him about me!..? He has decided I am the wrong WOMAN to mess with after I picked his butt up, and headed for the water trough.? He tried hard to get away and after I dropped him (about 6" from the darn thing) I picked him back up, allowing him to brace himself on the sides! (ugh, almost had him)..... Here comes his Mom to help!? Yippee!? We drenched him anyway, even though I didn't quite succeed in my mission!? We later called a truce, till later that night, when he told me goodnight!? He called me an old lady, why I never!? Just wait there little Scotty boy!

It was a beautiful weekend and other than the two accidents all went pretty darn well.? I think (have the ol' CRAFT {Susan K enlightened me to this disease} disease) I remember Amy saying this is the FIRST year (out of 13) that we had any MISHAPS (bad ones anyway).? Cindy Simcox, broke one of the wings off a vertebrae.? She is now in a halo apparatus. Then Diane Doll got kicked OFF her horse with a bone in her leg broke in three places, yes, she is needing a pin now.? Scary stuff!
I am thinking and praying for both of you!? Good luck on your recovery!

Robert and I decided to stay Sunday night sense we had already scheduled to be off Monday and the baby-sitter was already paid for.? We were pretty sluggish to awake Monday morning and went ahead and packed at a leisurely rate of speed. lol

To all that missed this ride ~ Sorry about your luck, cuz as ALWAYS, Chicken Chase is NOT a ride to miss! Once again GREAT JOB AMY!? Thanks to ALL who helped make this ride a success!

Best wishes to all!? Have a GREAT ride season!?
Jinnifer Plummer (and the rest of the gang)