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[RC] Rascal has a new gait!!!!! - Laurie Durgin

You'd think after trailriding him around here for 2 years plus I'd get used to his gaits and rhythms!Being compact,14.2 and wears a 68' blanket.You can sit his slow trot(if you can keep him in it). His working trot, post quick and low. We are usually going on rough ground, hills, rocky washed out trails with only a few sections level enough for speed(well forget that, he can travel fast over anything). Our neighbors finally put a gate up down the road, and cut off the huge flow of mudders, 4 wheelers, dirt bikes that were getting heavier and heavier on our private road,and making trailriding a little too exciting some days.("no, can't trailride today, 39 mudder trucks just went back there").
So I only had an hour to ride Fri. and after doing some arena work, mostly transitions and actually making him back under saddle, 2 steps, (well it used to be a miracle to get one!) I thought , hmmm , no traffic now , the road is spongey hard, maybe a little road work?I usually handwalk this 1/4 mile section , so I can get off it fast, if the local guys come tearing down it, on bikes, 4wh, mudders.So we did some walking , then trotting (hey, mom, what ya mean we aren't turning in the driveway?) and stopping, alternating trotting/walking. We did canter a bit(too much excitment, needed to slow that, after he altered it to a full out gallop)(runaway training not needed here).
When suddenly he did what I think was an extended trot. He could have bounced me off the ceiling!It was not just fast, it was up in the air.Reminded me of the dressage horse I rode in lessons, amazed me to no end.He is much too "short" for that kind of movement. Course now I have to figure out how to "stay with it". And I'd just figured out at his "fullspeed ahead, no survivors trot"that was so fast I literally don't have "time to post" that I could actually sit/stand it as if he was a gaited horse, the movement gets so fast, I found myself shimmieing side to side, almost level. Now I have to deal with this "suspended, ceiling trot".Amazing, didn't think he had any "dressage horse " in him.(
So now we have walk, then "pick up" walk, then we have "easy trot" you can sit to, then we have 'working trot', then we have "full lspeed ahead, no survivors trot", now we have , "suspended ceiling "trot.
I guess it was because we actually had a level place that was safe to do it.
Now I just got to experiment with how to "ride it".Posting seemed to "fling me higher"(gulp, where's the trampoline?) or at least I was "behing" the movement(I was so surprised, my brain froze).So maybe I'll try 2 pt. if all else fails.
And we were just getting our canter rhythm in sync.
Ah, life is interesting on an Arab.... Laurie and the "many gaited Rascal"

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