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Re: [RC] [FWD: Is there any code of ethics in endurance horse selling?] - DESERTRYDR1

I think before you can cry about lack of ethics, you should answer a couple 
of questions.  Did the buyer tell you they were buying the horse for their 
own personal use to have and to hold forever?  Did you ask for what purpose 
the horse was bought?  It's not unusual for horses to be bought as prospects, 
then they don't have exactly the qualities the new owner wanted for their own 
personal horse, or the horse and new owner for some reason just didn't CLICK. 
Its also not unusual to buy horses, train them and resell them.  Not 
everyone has the same ideas as you about horse ownership.  

It also is not unusual for someone to add value to a horse by training, 
conditioning, showing, or otherwise improving the horse's ability to be used 
by others.  $1300. for a couple months training, feeding, conditioning etc. 
is not too unreasonable.

Did you TELL the owner you expected to be able to buy the horse back it it 
need to be sold again?  Did you put it in writing?  This is entirely NOT a 
question of ethics.  It is a question of "Did you make your expectations 
clear to the new owner?"  

It has nothing to do with endurance, the same prctices are used in all types 
of horse buying/selling.  I know lots of people who buy horses and work with 
them a while then sell them.  Nothing wrong with that, unless the buyer 
PROMISED you something different in writing.  I personally would have a 
problem with buying and selling horses like that, because I get too attached. 
But then if I expected a buyer of my horse (if I ever sold one) to give me 
buyback rights, I would certainly discuss it AND put it in writing.  


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