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Re: [RC] [FWD: Is there any code of ethics in endurance horse selling?] - SandyDSA

In a message dated 4/11/2003 12:18:08 PM Pacific Standard Time, DESERTRYDR1@xxxxxxx writes:

I think before you can cry about lack of ethics, you should answer a couple
of questions.  Did the buyer tell you they were buying the horse for their
own personal use to have and to hold forever?  Did you ask for what purpose

I se the point here, but just because a seller is trusting rather than careful or even suspicious does not relieve the burden of ethics from someone who might negotiate the price of a horse downward, then resell the horse for more money. That is just not what an honorable person does. When a horse does not work out, of course a buyer generally will - and should be free to - sell a horse. I think the intent to  buy for resale, while common, when done in the face of a seller who clearly is looking for a good home for her/his horse, is unethical. Sadly we cannot easily legislate nor control the poor ethical behavior of people. This is why we include a First Right of Refusal clause in ALL of our sales contracts. We had lost just a couple of sales that way, but of course, then I have the idea that something is amiss. It is to the first buyer's BENEFIT to consider that FROR and re-sell to teh original owner if at all possible. Clearly this was not the intent here.

Indeed, this is not peculiar to endurance, nor even to horse businesses in general but truly a long time lack of bottom line scruples and even common sense. It is too bad we have to be suspicious - it was nice to be able to do business on a handshake - but such is NOT the case. Even when one does everything right, one can be at the losing end of a legtiimate contract, so it pays to do everything right. In the end, what goes around comes around - and while at times we may lose some dollars, you cannto take it with you - and I happen to believe that there is a unique and very special place in you-know-where for those who deliberately defraud, hurt animals and offend children - probably not in that order:)!

Cover your behind is a good axiom, in any case.