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[RC] Bully and jealousy? - Budler,Cindy - Afrox

While everyone is discussing horse training issues I have a question.
My four and a half year old gelding is a bully. When I bought him 6 months
ago he was a spoilt pet and a stallion to boot. I have gelded him, broke him
to saddle and spent lots of time on groundwork. He is really good under
saddle and respects me on the ground in hand- still some issues to handle-
but he is a terrible bully with other horses. I know some of it is over
exuberance and a "teenager" attitude and he use to try it on me too, but I
need some way to get him to handle other horses a lot less exuberantly. He
is a hyper-active horse(ArabX Saddler)  and needs constant changes in
training and stimulus otherwise he gets bored very quickly. He bullies all
the others- rushing at them, biting and generally teasing them- the only one
he respects is the alpha mare as she just ignores him, but the youngsters
and the oldies get teased and chased unmercifully can't separate him from
the herd as he then gets frantic and he "needs" the companionship and
stimulus too as he spent 3 years alone. I have tried the "chasing" bit when
he rounded on the one mare when I was close  to her- he does it to the dogs
too if they come anywhere near me when he is in the vicinity.I think
everyone thought I had lost my marbles when I chased him out of the herd
until he approached quietly and calmly again- I tried to "show " him I
wouldn't tolerate him bullying the others when I was around and it works
most of the time - with some reminders occasionally, but it seems almost to
be a "jealousy" issue. 

Cindy Budler
Afrox I P Marketing
Ph  : 011 876 1179
Cell : 082 464 1809
Fax : 011 873 5902
E Mail : cindy.budler@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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