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[RC] Horse getting loose while bridling - April Johnson

I have gotten into the habit of using my horse's halter to hold him 
while bridling. Not sure where I picked it up, probably at the lesson/trail 
riding barn I used to board at. Anyway, usually I get him out of 
the pasture or pen haltered. I tie him to something while saddling 
and don't bridle until we're ready to go. When I go to bridle him,
I have the bridle in hand, the reins usually thrown over my shoulder 
trailing down my back to keep them out of the way. I unbuckle his 
halter at the crown and let it drop just enough to get his nose out 
of it, then slide the halter back and rebuckle the crown so the halter 
is fastened around his neck, lead rope still attached.

I haven't had any problems with this method, but if he freaked at 
just the moment when I was letting his nose drop out of the halter,
he'd be loose. But at least he wouldn't have a bit slamming him 
in the knees. Maybe something to think about is a horse collar when 
bridling. At least at an endurance ride to minimize chances of getting 

Just musings. Where can I look at horse collars?

Nashville, TN
(who keeps calling the vet every few hours asking where Tanna's health 
certificate is for this weekend!!!)

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Rides 2 Far" <rides2far@xxxxxxxx>

Actually, the incident did make me realize something I may be doing
wrong. I've always put the reins around my horse's neck while taking off
his halter & putting on the halter bridle. After seeing how badly 
the bit
hitting the legs paniced that horse I will now use a lead rope instead 
hold him. A loose horse with no bit hitting the legs wouldn't have been
so paniced.  Live and learn.

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