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RE: [RC] [RC] Backing Rigs - Alison Farrin

The first thing I was going to suggest was that Howard meet Becky Hackworth - but I note that has already happened!  I watched Becky back my trailer into this little tiny space between two rigs at an angle, then rotate it 180 degrees to exit the ridecamp.  I would still have been trying an hour later.  I'm getting much better at backing up the trailer, but I will NEVER be in Becky's league.
That said, in general, I would have to agree with Howard.  Men as a group generally do better on spatial relationship tests than women as a group.  Women have "whoops I misjudged the size of that space" fender benders.  Guys roll their cars at high speed.  I would trust my son to back my rig anywhere.  My daughter only gets to drive forward <G>.
However, there are multiple exceptions to this generalization.  I would also guess (no statistics to back this up) that good horsewomen are also good at spatial relationships and as a specific group are better than the general population at backing up a trailer.  

Alison A. Farrin
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Hey Becky,
I'm with you!  I usually am the one driving the truck and horse trailer, backing up, etc.  As with all things, it takes practice.  Us wimmens tend to be BETTER at things with not as much practice and when a MAN says something to belittle the other gender, it's usually because they are insecure about their own masculinity. ;-)  No offense Howard, but the facts speak for themselves! ;-)
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Date: Saturday, April 05, 2003 09:57:35 AM
Subject: [RC] Backing Rigs
OK Howard....please do not generalize. Being from the same era as
you are...the women's libber in me comes to a head really hot and
heavy when some MAN says something stupid like this.....

Maybe because I could back a rig before I could drive it forward (or
even had a license ) I have no problem putting my rig exactly where I
want it. It is sort of funny watching the men in a given group as I
back my rig around several objects in the corkscrewing in a parking
lot. Maybe it helps that at my house in San Diego I had to back
around a 5' round planter a foot high, miss the house and the above
ground pool and the other cars, trailers and swing set in the yard.
Didn't miss once. I will say that I didn't do it in the dark, only
because I couldn't see it.

That was the norm until I rented a bull dozer and took out the round
ring planter, a fence and put in a circular driveway. Then I carved
out a nitch in the mountain side and move my corrals...I really liked
the new set up. Maybe because I did it myself.

So, please Howard, watch what you say about us wimmins.....some of us
are hormonal! But please, please, KEEP THE STORIES COMEING!!!!
Becky and the gang

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