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[RC] Lightening ~ Scary Stuff - FancyNite

After reading the "I am Thankful" email this morning... I have to add...

Friday night Robert (hubby) and I was sitting in the barn going through STUFF (ya know all that crap you're supposed to JAMB into the trailer) to pack.  I was sitting on the concrete isle way.... Robert in a metal/wood chair... enjoying a cold beer...

The sky was raining buckets.... but it was warm.. (easy way to give the horses a bath).  It started to thunder and lighting off in the distance.  Stalls were ready!  We had just mentioned "We should go get the horses."  Well, with Tornado watches (and warnings) out.. We thought it best to wait a little longer.  (considering my neighbors are STILL rebuilding their home from the tornado that ATE our neighborhood last September)

When all the sudden, the LOUDEST noise I have EVER heard and the BRIGHTEST light I have ever seen. (I thought it was MY TIME)  Scared the ba-gesus out of me.  We didn't know what it hit, but knew it hit something CLOSE. (to damn close actually, my legs were even tingly)  You could smell the smoke, and at first we thought the barn or house was hit.  Rob ran to the house to check on the boys (they were in bed), while I ran out and checked on the horses.... ALL OK!  (THANK YOU BIG GUY)  We both figured back at the barn was a good place to be.  Of course I paced till the horses were all safe in the barn (after the watches and warnings were no longer a threat).  Robert later laughed at me.. He said it looked like I got bit in the rear, as fast as I came off that floor.

We later found out, the lightning actually HIT our fence.  Never thought I would be thankful to have high tensile wire fencing. (came with the farm)  I am glad it had something else to attract to besides my horses with steel shoes!
The strike blew a post in two, traveled through the fence to the outlet (where thankfully I had NOT plugged in the fence... and there was now no need for the water heater) melted it, melted the insulators, and sprung out a bunch of clips, along with snapping one strand of wire.  Needless to say, the horses (along with me) were pretty CHARGED up! 

Yet another reason to SMILE AND BE HAPPY!
Take care all
Jinnifer Plummer