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Re: [RC] Should I take on a boarder? - Kat Forst

One of my best friends (L) had a Belgian colt that she is planning to do draft sport horsing with.  Well, I got married last July, and FINALLY moved out of my moms house. Long story shortend, I got myself another horse, FINALLY. We went in 1/2s on a QH mare. L  wanted one to ride until Zeus (belgian) was old enough.  This was last Aug-Sept, she hasn't been on the horse yet!  In fact I have NEVER seen her ride! Ok that's another story...

 Well L boarded at this really neat place, cheap, on site store, arena, stalls, etc. You do it all for only $50 a month!!!  So I found my stallion, and bought him. Of course with a stallion at a small facility, he must be stalled all day, and I have to feed him every day.  No biggy, Then L gets this idea that Zeus and Gwen need to be feed too, since it's getting colder. Fine, feed them, split grain 1/2 ways.  You can feed on certain days, I'll feed the others. Fair enough.  Well that worked for about a week.  Then she gets busy, can't feed. I have to, then she loses her boyfriend who paid for everything, broke, can't help pay food.  Then they tell her Zeus has to be gelded or stalled.  Stall, so then he eats 2 X's as much as my little Arab, and I buy almost all of it.  Only because I don't want the horse to suffer.  She knows this, so she just keeps going.  Now I have a baby, she feeds sometimes, but it's me that buys the grain, and the hay.  And I still feed about 4 days a week. 

Now, my husband and I have bought a 25 acre house, I am getting another Arab, and we sold Gwen.  2 horses, so can my friend keep Zeus there? sure.  Why?  because I made her sign an agreement to pay X amount of money a month to cover board, feed, and my time. 

The point of this is any one can make an ok boarder. The best thing to do, in my opinion is to feed them yourself. Esp if you are used to a system.  Bill them every month for the feed, etc.  They can come ride, do whatever. Most boarders prefer this method anyways, since it means they don't have to spend a lot of time at the barn, or on the way to or from the barn.

This is just one opinion though, and only one experience. Hope it helps.

Kat d. Forst

Night Star Arabians

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[RC] Should I take on a boarder?, Karen Casemier