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Re: [RC] Endurance, Carolina Style: Part Two - Heidi Smith

>  I've come to notice, after all these years attempting to do endurance, that it's usually the male who backs up the rig.  Wimmen don't back horse trailers for some inexplicable reason; they'd rather circle the wagon, no matter how far they have to travel or how many trees they need to take out, to get the rig pointed in the direction they want.  The letter "R" on their transmission stands for "rather not."
Howie, you've been around too many of those hot-house Scarlet O'Hara suthrun gals.  Come out West, where men are men and wimmen are truckers!  I got my first lesson in trailer backing before I had a drivers' license, and I had to get a trailer out of a skinny driveway early in the morning to get the irrigatin' car out.  Took me a few minutes, but I got the thing out around a 90-degree bend, and I've been backin' my own rigs ever since.  And I've been known to back up a few rigs in ride camps when the suburban men drivers couldn't get 'em in the right places, too...  :-)
Heidi (who just backed her gooseneck through a tight service station in Foresthill, CA, a couple of days ago, to let out a Lay Potato Chips truck that got trapped at the pump...)