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Re: [RC] [RC] Backyard breeders - Elite

   I guess I'm going to jump into this one... been trying to avoid it.    I
don't see a difference in backyard breeding of dogs or horses.   Now, before
you jump on this one, hear me out.    There is nothing wrong with being a
"hobby breeder" of either.  And I guess the distinction I make is this.
   The backyard breeder will breed whatever animal they have on premises to
the closest or most available sire without consideration of quality, traits,
and most importantly hereditary health issues.  They have no idea of the
characteristics of the animals in the pedigree or that would even come into
play.  The only priority is how much money could possibly be made for them.
   The hobby breeder is different.  This person learns as much as they can
about the lineage of their animals, the weaknesses as well as the strong
points and breed to a sire that hopefully will help them to retain or
improve their lines.  They are also aware of the inherent health issues in
their breed and eliminate any animal that might be a carrier.
    When it comes to dogs or horses, I would say that I know both "backyard
breeders" and "hobby breeders".  I have never once heard the "backyard
breeders" talk about the overpopulation of their animals  and yet the "hobby
breeders" seem to be very concerned and take steps to help (rescue,
spay/neuter, limit breeding, etc).
   I'm sure when some of you have said that your "backyard breeders" what
you actually meant is "hobby breeders", you just didn't have the correct
   I myself am a "hobby breeder" of dogs and have never had a problem
finding homes for my puppies with a spay/neuter contract and limited
registration.  But I only have a litter every other year, and have a waiting


Goes beyond horses,   My best dogs have been backyard mixes on purpose.
Joan  (who has some pretty outstanding BYBreed horses and more coming

I don't think you can lump backyard breeding of dogs and horses into the
same category. The difference is that dogs are born in litters.

So while I don't have a problem in the world with someone breeding that
favorite mare for the foal that they intend to keep for the entirety of
life, I do have a problem with someone breeding their bitch purely for
sentimental reasons unless they intend to keep all the pups (yeah, who
that?) or spay/neuter the ones that are placed (yeah, right).

It's hard enough to find buyers for purebred pups who are willing to sign
spay/neuter contract, I don't think that would work for mixed breeds.


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Re: [RC] [RC] Backyard breeders, Deanna German